Take Action

Welcome to the third and perhaps most critical stage in developing your personalized roadmap for an unconventional life, the Act or Action stage.

This is where the magic happens!

You’ve already identified the what and the why through the previous stages, explore and evaluate. Now it’s time to examine the skills you’ll need to reach your goals and to implement a roadmap to overcome any barriers that may prevent you from successfully implementing change.

Taking action to create change requires leaving your comfort zone, which can often make you feel vulnerable. It requires persistence and a calculated effort to leave the familiar in the pursuit of being a better husband, partner, father, son, colleague, and friend.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It typically takes just over two months for a new routine to become a habit. Start by replacing the unwanted habit with something more fulfilling. Eliminate all distractions that are obstacles to your success (such as bad habits, TV and other electronics, and time-wasting activities). Create an action schedule you can abide by and review your progress daily or weekly so you can adjust your plan if needed. Evaluate your goal(s) and recognize your achievements along the way.


Don’t be discouraged if you have attempted change in the past and have failed.

Don’t be discouraged if you have attempted change in the past and have failed. You’re wiser and more equipped today than you were then for success. Also, be aware that any anxiety associated with change is simply part of the process. It will pass as you build strength and start to see the rewards.

It can be unsettling to take that first step into the unknown. You’re the only one who can initiate this process. You are the expert and CEO of your life.


Utilize this roadmap to call upon the solutions that reside within you!

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