Welcome to the second stage in developing your personalized roadmap for an unconventional life.

This stage is about self-evaluation.

Self-evaluation is the recognition, understanding, and knowledge of a specific problem or dilemma. It provides valuable information for why things occur, and the potential barriers that get in the way of experiencing a preferred vision.

Self-appraisal is a necessary skill for a successful life. But let’s admit, this phase can be both uncomfortable and empowering for men at the same time. It takes sheer courage to admit when things are out of whack – that somewhere along the way you lost direction or control and as a result, things are a bit messy. Making mistakes is part of the human experience. In order to change or experience something new and meaningful, it’s necessary to examine the existing conventions and challenge the status quo.


The status quo is the true adversary
of the unconventional man.

As you self-assess, focus on the necessary corrections instead of your past mistakes. Keep a sharp focus on your goal, avoid staying stagnant, and remember, change can be positive. Change is the first step toward empowerment and living the life you’ve imagined!

It’s normal to feel some self-doubt in this stage. There are many changes you can implement to relieve this – your attitude, future choices and decisions, the company you surround yourself with, and by being open to new habits and possibilities.

Sometimes, there are difficulties that lie beyond your awareness or level of expertise. Know that you don’t have to tackle this all on your own. That’s why this program tailors for gentlemen just like yourself.

Life is brilliant, yet sometimes messy. Let’s challenge the status quo. Let’s continue!

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