Hi, I'm Simon Niblock, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy Associate and in-network psychotherapy service provider to Whole Foods Market team members.

Thank you for taking a few moments to connect and explore the various in-network mental health care options available to you as a Whole Foods Market Premier Plan member.

As a Premier Plan member, you can choose your own in network healthcare specialists, at any time, without the need to obtain a direct referral.

This means that you can readily connect with a psychotherapist for individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy whenever you feel the need arises.

If you are interested in exploring therapy for yourself, or you and your partner and/or family, lets start with a quick phone call.


First, let's schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.

During this call, I'll ask you a series of questions, including what concerns you want to address or what your best hopes that you would like to achieve from therapy. We will also be able to discuss any questions you might have about the services that are offered.

If you decide to work with me, we then arrange to meet in person for a single 90-minute introductory session. During this introductory session, I will conduct a thorough clinical assessment of your needs which helps me determine how I can best help you.

At the end of our conversation, you will be able to confirm whether you think I'm the right therapist for you.


schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation


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