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Self Mastery for Men is a peer support group that focuses on a ‘whole health’ approach for the purpose of evolving personal resilience, well-being and meaningful relationships for men.  

This unique group caters for men who are interested in exploring and evolving their own personal journey while honoring the physical, mental, relational, sexual, emotional, economic, legacy and spiritual elements of manhood and masculinity; while harnessing the collective insight and experiences of their male peers. 

The group explores constructive strategies that guide positive habits, behaviors, cognitions, and emotions. It also allows you to reclaim your experiences, rather than your experiences shaping you.

Men that undertake this journey describe a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their life, dramatically improved relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues and increased ability to positively endure the challenges of life when things get rough.

Most importantly, those that participate in these group conversations, quickly realize that they share common stories and experiences with their male peers and that they are not alone in their journey.


Every Friday for 12 Weeks

Now taking registrations for Feb 2018

12.00PM to 1.30PM

$50.00 per person, per group meeting.


Self Mastery for Men is hosted by Simon Niblock, LMFT Associate (under supervision of Dr. Mathis Kennington. LMFT-S) and Susan Gonzales, LPC-S, LMFT.

Susan Gonzales has been in private practice for about 8 years and specializes in men’s issues and couples work. Prior to going out on her own, Susan spent a decade working in the criminal justice system, primarily counseling adult and adolescent males individually and facilitating groups. Susan understands the daily struggles that adult males encounter, particularly physical and emotional isolation. And therefore, Susan knows that group work can be extremely beneficial for the adult male in many different realms. For more information on Susan visit her website: http://susangonzalescounseling.com

Simon Niblock has worked with men in a wide range of therapeutic settings in both Australia and in the US for the past 7 years, helping them explore the full spectrum of masculinity, self-mastery and meaningful relationships. He has listened to men from all walks of life struggle with the same old demons; anxiety, depression, suicide, anger, hopelessness, shame, lack of purpose and relationship issues; the stories are all too familiar. His hope is through the power of masculine collaboration, men can experience life in a far more meaningful way, be successful in their endeavors and have a bit of 'blokey' fun along the way. For more information on Simon visit his website: http://simonniblock.com